Commercial Drivers Plans

Protect yourself on and off the road.

Get legal protection to keep your job and your income safe.

What we cover

Legal Consultation

Consult with an attorney about points on your record related to Compliance, Safety, and Accountability regulations.

DOT and Non-Moving Violations

Get coverage for non-criminal citations in any licensed vehicle, including insurance, equipment, and permit violations.

Moving Traffic Violations

Get legal defense for non-criminal moving violations committed in any licensed vehicle.

Tragic Accident Representation

Should you ever be in an accident and charged with a criminal act, we’ll be there with your best interests in mind.

Property Damage Collection Assistance

Collect property damage or personal injury claims from driving, riding in, or being struck by a motor vehicle.

License Reinstatement

Get up to 2.5 hours of legal assistance with license denials, suspensions, reinstatements, and appeals.

Commercial Drivers Legal Plans

Get the plan that fits your needs with pricing that makes it easy to get protected.

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